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How to Become a Volunteer Teen Book Reviewer

How to Become a Volunteer Teen Book Reviewer by Submitting a Review for Your Community Service Hours
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Prodigy by Marie Lu

Prodigy by Marie Lu is the second book to a dystopian young adult book series titled Legend. The series follows the story of June Iparis and Day in the new America, which is split between the Republic and the Colonies. June, a sixteen-year-old girl who scored a perfect score on her trial and was born into an elite republic family. Her life has been planned perfectly since the day she was born. Day is a sixteen-year-old boy who lives an opposite life of June. He is fugitive who is currently hiding out from the Republic in the streets of Los Angeles. After the first book, June and Day are currently on the run from The Republic. After Day’s brother pretends to be Day to save his life, he dies, leaving the Republic to believe that Day is dead. While June and Day are injured and on the run with targets on their back, they seek to find an alliance with the Patriots- a rebellious group whose mission is to shut down the Republic and to kill the new elector. As Day and June venture outside of L

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone (Realistic Fiction)

In the book Evert Last Word, the main character Samantha explored the struggle of having mental illnesses as a teenage girl in high school. She has always kept these mental illnesses from her friends because she was scared of what they would think. Her mind is constantly filled with dark thoughts and worries that she can’t let go off or turn off. Daily life is a struggle because she constantly questions her every action, idea, and statement. It also doesn't help that her lifelong friends will become toxic at the first sign of a wrong outfit, wrong lunch, or wrong crush. Samantha is aware that it would be insane for her to leave the safety of the most well-liked students. Samantha feels a strong attraction to Caroline as soon as they meet. Caroline stands out from the crowd because she doesn't wear makeup and doesn't care what people think of her appearance. Her lack of judgment and focus solely on friendship is like a breath of fresh air. Samantha meets up with some of Caro

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw (Paranormal)

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw is a young adult and paranormal fiction book which follows the story of the Swan Sisters in an off-coast town in Oregon called Sparrow. In 1822, the 3 Swan sisters, Marguerite, Aurora, and Hazel were sentenced to death after being accused of witchcraft. Now every summer starting June 1st in the town of Sparrow, the spirits of the sisters each steal a girl’s body and lure boys into the ocean to drown them as revenge on the town. Penny Talbot, a local 17-year-old has lived in Sparrow her whole life and has avoided the killings and possessions every year. Up until this summer, Penny had not attended any drunk teen social events until Bo Carter arrives. On that fateful night, Bo, a new boy in town saves Penny from a drunk boy who was harassing Penny. From then on, Penny and Bo form a deep connection as he comes to work with Penny and her mom on the lighthouse island. Throughout the summer rumors spread and lies are told, no one in the town of Sparrow knows w

The Lost Heir by Tui T. Sutherland

In this, the second installment of the Wings of Fire series, the protagonist, Tsunami, along with her friends, are searching for her family. The five dragonets, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, Clay, and Starflight are predicted by a prophecy to be the ones to decide who will become the queen of the SandWings. After escaping their prison-like den in a mountain, they begin searching for their families. In this book, Tsunami is prepared to search the Kingdom of the Sea for her family. She dreams of becoming the future SeaWing queen, and her wishes keep her from focusing on her friends. One night, Tsunami runs into a SeaWing, named Riptide, who guides her and the dragonets to the Summer Palace—the home of the SeaWings. Within the palace, Tsunami meets her mother, Coral, the queen of the SeaWings. To her surprise, Tsunami learns that she has a little sister—Anemone. Tsunami is ready to begin her new life under the sea, but it comes with a cost. Her friends are forced into another cavern ‘for their p

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans

Michael Vey is a 14-year-old boy that lives with his mom in Ohio and goes to Meridian High School. His mom told him his dad died when he was born. He was born with a superpower. Michael has Tourette’s syndrome and gets bullied for it. As hard as it is, Michael tries to live a normal life. Only his mom knows about his superpowers. At school, Michael gets beat up often by Wade and his friends. One day some boys beat him up while Taylor, a girl who he liked was watching. Accidently he snapped, pulsed and they fell to the ground and started shaking violently Later, Michael finds out that Taylor has a superpower also. She can reset people’s brains to make them not know where they are and what they’re doing, and she can read people’s minds. At school, Michael was called to the office and was accepted to Elgen Academy and was given a scholarship. Taylor also was offered a scholarship to the same Academy. Michael’s mom takes him, Taylor, and Austin out to eat for his birthday. While they were

The Wave by Todd Strasser (History)

This book begins with a teacher named Ben Ross; he is teaching his high school history class about World War 2. Then one student (Laurie Saunders) asks, “How could something as terrible as the Nazis and what they believed in become supported by so much of the German population?” This question prompts Mr. Ross to begin an experiment. He decided to recreate a similar situation. He first introduces his class to “the wave”, then he teaches them about their motto: strength through discipline, strength through community, strength through action. Soon, Mr. Ross and his class begin to understand how a powerful and strong group can be so appealing for many people. This marks the beginning of the wave. Pretty soon this wave begins to spread and gain popularity, soon some students are even skipping class to join in Mr. Ross's lectures. While many believe the wave is a good thing that is helping the school and boosting school spirit, some believe this is a bad idea, and that Mr. Ross is manipu

Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman (Dystopian)

The drought or better known as Tap-Out. That's what everyone calls it. It has been going on for a while now. This book takes place in California, far in the future. The entire state of California has been in desperate need of water. People say that Vegas still had water, but all the millions of hotel rooms there have all been booked within hours of the Tap-Out. Ever since the Tap-Out started everyone's life has become an endless list of don'ts, such as things like, don't water the lawn, don't fill up your pool, don't take long showers, don't hog all the water to yourself, and don't drink too much water at once. Suddenly, Alyssa's quiet suburban street turns into a war zone of desperation in need of water. The other families and children in her neighborhood start turning against one another fighting now and then to hunt for water. When her parents don't return, and she and her brother are threatened, extremely worried about their parents. Alyssa h